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Semi Skilled Training and Recruitment

Semi skilled worker

Semi-skilled workers are require more skills than an unskilled labors job & less skills than a skilled workers. They doesn’t have any  advanced training or specialized skills. For time management & improve quality production for small & medium industries hiring skilled workers.

Can Do Personnel provides training

Can Do Personnel provides skill and quality training to the candidates to make them capable regarding the department which they want is possible by providing them practical knowledge of the subject. Make them skilled & suitable for recruitment. Can Do Personnel always supply the skilled workers in following sectors

  1. Packers & movers
  2. Agricultural firms
  3. Construction Sites
  4. Warehouse & Godowns
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Benefits of the Employee Training

Decreased Accidents- If the employee is trained there are less chances of any errors or accidents on the job.

Better Productivity- Training of the employees enhances their productivity as well as their efficiency.

Improved employee morale- Training increases the job security as well as the job satisfaction of the employee, which eventually results in lesser absenteeism and job turnover.

Declined Supervision- A trained employee is well aware of duties and responsibilities and will need less of supervision, which will result in less wastage of efforts and time.

Probability of Promotion- Training equips employees with better skills and knowledge which makes them more eligible for promotions.

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Employee training

Employee training is a program that is designed to increase the technical skills, knowledge, efficiency, and value creation to do any specific job in a much better way. Training program is periodical and given at regular intervals, it is never continuous. Training increases the needed skill set and helps in development of an employee as well as overall growth of the organization.